5 Best Spanish Vacation Towns

Tourists visiting Spain can pick from among a wide range of towns and activities to create a splendid, personalized vacation. There are flamenco dancers, bullfights, beaches, art, architecture and a host of other adventures beckoning to travelers.

Spain has over 1000 miles of Mediterranean coastline and a perfect combination of resort towns and ancient port cities. However, the true beauty of Spain is not confined to seaside landscapes. The art of Malaga, the stunning architecture of San Sebastián and the fragrant orange groves of Valencia make these places some of the loveliest in the country.

Both small towns and large cities are close to the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. You will be able to visit Roman ruins and Moorish palaces that document the history of this country. When making a decision on a Spanish vacation, you should choose the cities and towns that best represent your interests. Below is our pick of the 5 best Spanish vacation towns:


Málaga is so much more than a glorious stopover before you go off on an Andalusian road trip. The birthplace and former home of the legendary Pablo Picasso, visitors can even tour the home where he was born. Additionally, Málaga is a cultural hub and this goes beyond the Museum Picasso that is dedicated to the renowned artist. To begin, you can see what is playing in the Cervantes Theater, which is a must for both global ballet legends and national flamenco stars. However, the city center is not the only place to be.

La Malagueta is ideal for those would prefer to take a leisurely stroll, an invigorating mid-afternoon dip or have a delicious meal. There are many remarkable places to eat, including beachfront restaurants in which grilled seafood is prepared on hot, glowing coals right in front of you.

Furthermore, tourists in Málaga will find fascinating structures and artifacts showcasing Arabic influence the Alcazaba Tower, which dates back to the 14th Century. There is also the opportunity to explore Gibralfaro Castle; this is a Moorish citadel built above a Phoenician lighthouse. Visitors will also be able to enjoy lots of sun and warm temperatures to take full advantage of the golden sand beaches.

San Sebastián

The Basque city of San Sebastián has a lot to offer its visitors. You will get the opportunity to tour the Old Town of Parte Vieja. You could also spend the entire day napping, sunbathing or surfing at the renowned Playa de Gros beach or shop the stores of the Área Romántica. However, nobody would judge you if you prefer to spend your entire vacation just eating.

This is because the food is as stunning as the ocean views and architecture of the city. It seems like you cannot make a turn without encountering one of the best eateries in the world. However, the city is also renowned for its pintxos, which is the Basque version of tapas. You will definitely be able to find your spot in one of the more down-home establishments in Old Town.


This is the third largest city in Spain and by simply taking a stroll around the environs, you will be amazed to discover the work of art that is the city itself. When the city was flooded by the Turia River, the authorities diverted its flow, transforming the river bank into an enormous, winding green space. This enables individuals to crisscross the city without having to get into a car. When you have arrived at the City of Arts and Sciences, you will know you have reached the eastern end of the park. The City of Arts and Sciences is a glass hemisphere that emerges out of the ground so gloriously, it looks like something straight out of one of Isaac Asimov’s novels.


This stunning location on Costa del Sol in Andalusia is renowned for its supercars, mega-yachts and as the preferred summer hangout for the aristocracy in Europe. However, if you care to venture just a bit to the outskirts of the primary tourist strip, it will become an entirely new town. This intricate Old Town meanders around central Plaza de los Naranjos, which is a square aptly named for its outlining orange trees.

While visiting Avenida del Mar, you can walk through an assortment of sculptures created by Salvador Dalí and casually displayed to the public. Additionally, the seaside promenade can be followed to the adjoining town of San Pedro de Alcántara. This represents the side of Marbella that does not tend to make the headlines.

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