10 Restaurants that Will Make You Want to Book a Flight to Spain

Searching for somewhere nice to dine in Spain, but unsure where to turn? Fear not, because review website TripAdvisor has produced the Travellers’ Choice ratings for Spain’s finest restaurants in 2017. These ratings are based on feedback from hundreds of customers, so let’s get started:

10) The ReComiendo in Cordoba

This restaurant in the south of Spain, run by Chef Periko Ortega, is a departure from the conventional food that characterizes Cordoba, and it is refreshingly affordable as well. Fifteen euros per head to sixty euros per head is the range for the tasting menus, and the a la carte menu has similar prices.

9) The DiverXO in Madrid

Dabiz Muñoz, the Michelin Star chef, understands how to make a statement, but it has a price tag attached (from 195 to 250 euros) and a delay as well. If you want a table at his DiverXO restaurant, which is an extremely popular venue in the country’s capital city, you will have to wait until May. Therefore, for 2018 bookings, it is best to make your reservation immediately.

8) The DSTAGE in Madrid

The Dstage, run by Diego Guerrero, is another popular restaurant. Here, you will not be able to book a table for two until January 2018. The tasting menus begin at ninety euros.

7) The Uma in Barcelona

Each meal is original at the UMA, close to Passeig de Gràcia, which has no set menu and changes the food based on the fresh ingredients on offer every day. Only five tables are available and there is high demand.

6) The Vieja Bodega in Casalarreina

Casalarreina village in La Rioja boasts a culinary gem in the shape of the Vieja Bodega. This restaurant specialises in traditional dishes. They are wine connoisseurs as well, which is hardly surprising given the setting.

5) The Disfrutar in Barcelona

There is a plethora of fancy eateries in Barcelona’s packed l’Eixample, however Tripadvisor users say that Disfrutar ranks among the best. Some of the founders of this establishment worked at the renown El Bulli restaurant, run by Ferran Adrià, prior to its’ closing in 2011.

4) The Es Caló Restaurant in Formentera

The lovely Formentera landscape alone makes Es Caló Restaurant worth visiting, and the gorgeous seafood on offer ensures it is a no brainer. Given that this venue is regarded as Spain’s fourth best restaurant, the average sixty euros per head price is a bargain.

3) The Azurmendi in Larrabetzu

Hidden away in Basque country, close to Bilbao, is the fashionable Azurmendi restaurant. If appearances are anything to go by, this place should be part of your holiday itinerary.

2) The El Celler de Can Roca in Girona

It is understandable that the famous El Celler de Can Roca restaurant in Girona included here. This eatery, owned by the Roca brothers, has been voted the world’s best restaurant on numerous occasions. If you are prepared to wait eleven months, enquire about their menu for vegetarians.

1) The Restaurante Martin Berasategui in Lasarte

First place is awarded to the Basque Country based Restaurante Martin Berasategui. If you are happy to pay 145 to 245 euros for a meal, you can sample the creations of a chef with the rare distinction of being behind a couple of Michelin Three Star restaurants simultaneously.

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